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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

MNR Trading Limited is a professional company founded to provide service to it’s customer as per commitment. We can offer right service to the right place with our technical team within the time frame. The sales and The technical service team for several different suppliers have proper coordination to serve our customer with satisfactory. We always supply machines and other equipment from our audited supplier. We always try to select a supplier only after we satisfy about their factory, communication, after sales service and ability to handle the business. This is how we supply equipment and service with higher level satisfaction.  

We have organized professional marketing with focused promotion through dedicated well-trained teams and supply the products throughout the country with its own developed distribution network.

We have proven our technological expertise and experience in a number of industries and provided a substantial number of Turnkey Solutions. We believe the length of our service agreements is the proof of the positive effect of our activities on our client’s business.MNR Trading Limited believes and adheres to values like Quality, Knowledge and Responsibility in all aspects of its operation and earned respect and recognition of its valued customers in all Industrial sector of Bangladesh Insha Allah.

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MNR Trading Limited is a professional & private limited company to supply capital machine, Auxiliary machine, Racking system & Spare parts. We are here to provide our best services to fulfill our commitment. Our engineers are trained from china for the machines, are fully capable to provide services, maintenance, installation & commissioning at our customers point. We always try our best to provide any spare parts related with maintenance & service within a shortest possible time frame. Therefore we are satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

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